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Who Would Suffer Through Abolition

∑ Animal breeders, like the multinational Charles River Breeding Laboratories, Inc.
∑ Manufacturers of feed, cages, restraining devices, surgical instruments, etc.
∑ Politicians receiving large sums from the vivisection lobbies bent on keeping the profitable system alive and growing.
∑ The pharmaceutical companies, who require scapegoats for the poisons they palm off on a gullible world population as indispensible for health.
∑ The self-styled Humane societies, including the RSPCA, which have vast funds at their disposal, yet do nothing to bring about abolition.
∑ The larger, established AV organisations which fail to denounce vivisection on medical and scientific grounds, stating that some animal experiments are necessary -at least "for the time being".
∑ "Alternative Research Funds" which lull the public into thinking something is being done and that vivisection, whilst unethical and cruel, is a valid methodology. What they donít stress is that the "alternatives" have to be validated against animal tests, which are flawed in the first place! The only alternative is abolition.