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The following companies are either currently the subject of boycotts or have been in the past because of their animal testing/experiments;_

Procter & Gamble: (Always, Ariel, Attends, Bold, Boss, Bounce, Camay, Clearasil, Crest, Daz, Delph, Denclen, Dreft, Fairy Liquid, Fairy Snow, Flash, Head & Shoulders, Insignia, Lenor, Mandate, Max Factor, Milton, Napisan, Oil of Ulay, Old Spice, Pampers, Pantene Pro-V Shampoo, Rapport, Sinex, Tide, Vaporub, Vidal Sassoon, Vicks, Vortex, Zest, Pringles, Tampax, Mary Quant, Pepto-Bismol )

Nestle: (Gold Blend, Dairy Crunch, Carnation , Slender, Go Cat, Go Dog, Chambourcy, Crosse & Blackwell, Findus, Lean Cuisine, Libby’s , Rowntree’s, Shredded Wheat, L’Oreal brands )

Monsanto USA: (Nutrasweet, Canderel, Flix artificial sweeteners)

Bausch and Lomb: (Ray-Ban sunglasses, Chromax sunglasses, Bushnell binoculars and telescopes, Leica cameras and accessories, contact lenses and cleaning solutions, Electroplac electric toothbrushes) They own companies which breed and sell animals for experiments.

Kraft Foods: (Maxwell House, Café Hag, Kenco, Mellow Birds, Master Blend coffees, Vitalite, Golden Crown and Kraft margarines, Dairylea and Philadelphia cheese spreads, Cheddarie cheese, Free Choice cheese dressings)

Boots Company (UK)

*Gillette Products was until recently the subject of an international boycott but have announced that they no longer test on animals. It is not yet clear if this is a permanent ban. (Contour, Double Edge, Foamy, Blue 11, Braun, Oral-B, Right Guard, ZR, Natrel Plus, Silkience, White Rain, Herbelle, The Dry Look, Toni, Papermate and Parker pens, Liquid Paper, Mistake Out, Flair, Pen & Ink stationery products)

Companies that manufacture products which are tested on animals:

Reckitt and Colman
Johnson and Johnson
Vidal Sassoon
Scott Paper
Max Factor
Calvin Klein
Alberto Culver
Carter Wallace
Colgate Palmolive
Schering Plough
Sally Hanson
Shiseido Co
Lever Bros
Kimberley Clark
S. C. Johnson
Helene Curtis
Cover Girl
Elizabeth Arden
Erno Laszio
Flame Glow

There are many companies and brands which do not fund animal experiments, eg. Ark, Beauty Without Cruelty, Ecover, Astonish, Acdo & Glo-white, Uncaged, Honesty, Barry M, Daniel Field, Dolma, Weleda (UK) Ltd, Bio-d Company Ltd, Seven Seas, Izal, etc.