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Action Research - Arthritis and Rheumatism Council
Asthma Research - Brain Research Trust
British Diabetic Association - British Digestive Foundation
British Heart Foundation - British Lung Foundation
Cancer and Leukaemia in Childhood Trust (CLIC)
Cancer Research Campaign - Cot Death Research
Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust
Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths
Friedeichís Ataxia Group
Hearing Research Trust - Imperial Cancer Research Fund
Institute of Cancer Research
International Spinal Research Trust - ME Association
Mental Health Foundation - Migraine Trust
Leukaemia Research Fund - Lepra
Multiple Sclerosis Society - Muscular Dystrophy Group
National Association for Colitis and Crohnís Disease
National Asthma Campaign - National Heart Research Fund
National Kidney Research Fund - National Meningitis Trust
Parkinsonís Disease Society - Peel Medical trust
Research into Ageing - Royal National Institute for the Blind
Smith and Nephew Foundation - Tenovus Cancer Research
Wellcome trust - Wessex Medical Trust
William Harvey Institute - Yorkshire Cancer Research Campaign
Motor Neurone Disease Association - Birthright Trust
Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus - Bradford War on Cancer
Ulster Cancer Foundation - Action Research for the Crippled Child
British Epilepsy Association - British Committee for Prevention of Blindness
Charles Hodgson Foundation for Children - Lister institute of Preventative Medicine
Leverhulme Trust - National Fund for Research into Crippling diseases
Nuffield Foundation - Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust

Write to specific charities if you are unsure of their policies or make donations stating that they be used for non-animal research only, giving reasons.
Withhold donations from charities promoting "humane research" to find "alternatives" to animal experiments.

The following are PRO-VIVISECTION:-

Research Defence Society (RDS)
Research for Health Charities Group (RHCG)
Seriously Ill for Medical Research (SIMR)
Biomedical Research Educational Trust
Animals in Medical Research Information Centre
Medical Research Council
British Association for the Advancement of Science
BIBRA (British Industrial Biological Research Association)
BIBRA Toxicology International is an animal research lab which carries out contract testing for companies who may not have their own testing licence.
UK Companies who are members of BIBRA:-

Boots plc
Bristol Myers Clairol
British Petroleum
Ciba Geigy
Fisons Plc
General Foods
Hoechst UK
Imperial Tobacco
International Distillers
Johnson Wax
Monsanto Plc
Philip Morris
Nutra sweet
Nestle Co
Procter & Gamble
Roche Products
Smith & Nephew
Smithkline Beecham
Akzo Chemicals
Borden UK
London Intrenational
Rayner & Co
Sterling Winthrop Group
Warner Lambert UK
Westbrook Lanolin


The Iris Fund for the Prevention Of Blindness
Living Again
Wolfson Foundation
Quest Cancer Trust
National Back Pain Association
Blond Mc Indoe Centre
Henshaws Society for the Blind
National Deaf Childrenís Society
Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust
York Against Cancer
Big C Appeal (Cancer)
British School of Osteopathy
British Institute for Brain Injured Children
Brittle Bone Society
Childrenís Cancer Fund
Jefferiss Research Wing trust (AIDS)
St. Marks Research Foundation
Bath Cancer Research Unit