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Human Experimentation


French vivisector, Claude Bernard asserted that the "knowledge" he gained from brutalizing thousands of animals, should also be "confirmed" on humans. "The right to experiment on humans cannot be denied as a matter of principle," he opined. More recently an American chemist and avid seeker of knowledge, E.S. E. Slosson, proclaimed…" A human life is nothing compared with a new fact….. the aim of science is the advancement of human knowledge at any sacrifice of human life." This mindset has allowed the following atrocities:

· Senior citizens in a nursing home were injected with cancer cells to observe whether they would come down with cancer. When the scientist in charge of the experiment was asked why he allowed this, he replied that he couldn’t very well use scientists for these experiments because they were more valuable than ordinary people.

· Psychiatric patients in a Chicago Psychiatric ward called "Freud 11" were subjected to experimental brain surgery, removal of their adrenal glands, and sulphur shock and insulin overdose treatments.

· Blacks were injected with active syphilis germs and left untreated so that researchers could study the permanent effects of advanced syphilis even though the effects had already been observed in thousands of patients who already had the disease.

· Employees of Boeing Aircraft were secretly exposed to electromagnetic pulse experiments. The human guinea pigs were kept in the dark about these experiments until they developed fatal diseases.

The study of disease must begin and end with people but that should never mean the endorsement of secretive and manipulative human experimentation. Scientific inquiry must be conducted with the fully-informed consent of the subject.

· Unfortunately vivisection-based medicine means that we are all human guinea pigs. No matter how many animal tests are done, the first two to three generations of people who use a new drug or medical technique are the real guinea pigs anyway because of the differences between us and animals. The drug DES (stilboestrol) , for instance, was thoroughly tested on animals and found safe. It caused vaginal cancers in the daughters of women who took it to prevent miscarriage. Now it’s showing up in the third generation, as grandchildren of the original users are being born with genital defects, Some other "thoroughly tested" drugs which caused injury and death include Thalidomide, Zomax, Accutane, Eraldin, Phenformin , Clofibrate and, Feldene .


Eraldin (heart disease) corneal damage including blindness
Chloramphenicol ( antibiotic) aplastic anemia, often fatal
Ibufenac ( arthritis) deaths from liver damage
Flosint (arthritis) several deaths
Zipeprol ( cough suppressant) severe neurological symptoms at high doses
Phenacetin (pain killer) kidney and red blood cell damage
Reserpine ( anti-hypertensive) increased risks of cancer
Isoniazad ( tuberculosis ) liver destruction
Clioquinol ( diarrhea ) blindness, paralysis & death
Accutane ( acne) birth defects
Plaxin & Pronap (tranquilizer) killed many babies
E Ferol (vitamin) killed premature babies
Maxiton (diet pills) damage to heart & nervous system
Trilergen (anti-allergic) viral hepatitis
Flamamil (rheumatism) loss of consciousness
Isopreterenol (asthma) death
Methaqualone (tranquilizer) severe mental disturbances
MEL 29 (anti-hypertensive) cataracts
Urethane (leukemia) cancer of liver, lungs & bone marrow
Opren (arthritis) liver damage & deaths
Iproniazad (tuberculosis) liver damage


Aspirin Kills cats. Birth defects in dogs, Analgesic & retards blood
monkeys, rats & cats coagulation

Amyl Nitrate Glaucoma Reduces internal eye

Chymotrypsin Corneal perforation & severe No serious complications
damage to rabbit’s eye

Depo-Provera Cancer; breast & uterine Considered safe
infections in dogs

Digitalis High blood pressure in Not so

Cortisone Birth defects in pregnant No birth defects
mice & rabbits

Imipramine Depressant Antidepressant

Furosemide Liver damage in mice & others Not so

Iron sorbitol Cancer at injection site No cancers developed

Morphine Renders cats manic Analgesic & respiratory

Penicillin Kills guinea pigs Very useful antibiotic

"Inevitably, the tortures society permits to be inflicted upon animals fall back upon society itself, as if by the workings of some mysterious moral law. So Pavlov’s "conditioned reflexes" experiments, which caused pain or acute distress to thousands of animals, are now being constantly repeated, with variations, on human subjects. And, as usual, on such humans as are unable to protest, strike back, or sue - the orphaned or abandoned children, the mentally handicapped, the destitute dependent on public welfare; in sum, all those who are as helpless as laboratory animals."
("Slaughter of the Innocent" by Hans Ruesch, who gives many examples of human experimentation with babies, in cancer studies, on mental defectives, with transplants, hallucinogens, tranquilizers and on living fetuses)
Experiments done on patients without their knowledge were denounced by Dr. M.H. Pappworth, the London physician and internationally known teacher of clinical medicine. In "Human Guinea Pigs" he revealed hundreds of cases involving thousands of patients, which he had uncovered simply by perusing British and American medical journals. He pointed out that the worst experiments, and all those that have caused damage and death, are obviously never reported by the "researchers".
Everywhere, the cases of doctors deliberately putting human beings in danger, inflicting maladies on hospital patients, or withholding drugs from them in order to "study" a malady, have become so frequent as to be unexceptional.

In February 1999,the following appeared in the press:

"Probe into deaths of babies"

"An inquiry has been launched in Britain into a hospital where experimental treatment carried out on 122 premature babies resulted in the death or injury of 43 of them…..The inquiry, said "The Independent", will focus on whether the experiment was allowed to go on for too long and whether proper consent was obtained from parents,
The experimental treatment at North Staffordshire Hospital in central England involved the use of a new type of ventilator like a modern version of an iron lung to help the babies breathe.
Between 1989 and 1993, 122 babies had the treatment and 28 died and 15 suffered from brain damage, "The Independent" said."

The ever-increasing number of cases of horrific human experimentation is a direct consequence of the vivisection mentality. Carried out by trusted members of a supposed humane profession, the doctors who perform these experiments on the aged, infirm, and other powerless sections of society, prove full well that they know that experiments on animals can never give valid answers; that the results of such research is meaningless.

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