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AR/AV Links








Animal Emancipation

UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara) VIVISECTION


Animal Research is Wasteful and Misleading


Americans For Medical Advancement - AFMA


British Heartless Foundation


British Anti-Vivisection Association (BAVA)


Campaign against Primate Products Inc, Everglade Monkeys


Campaign for Responsible Transplantation  

CAFRM (Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research)





Excellent critiques, including SAV's (Scientific Anti-Vivisectionism) CF critique.

Diaries of Despair (Michelle Rokke)


Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine (DLRM)


Emory Lies


Europeans For Medical Advancement ........

..........In partnership with the Cancer Treatment Research Foundation


Dr. Tony Page

UKAVIS (UK Anti-Vivisection Information Service)

PO Box 4746 London SE11 4XF


Guardians (Australia)

Interesting and informative. Adds weight against the Lord Sainsbury-Tony
Bliar-pharma-lore claim that to be anti-vivisection is anti-science.


Health Professionals for Responsible Medicine


'Inside the Monkey Farm'


Italian AVs

Comitato Scientifco Anti- Vivisezionists - have a website (in
English) with contributions from Brandon Reines on "Biomedical Discoveries",
Pietro Croce on "Human Experimentation" (inc UK, Germany and Italy figs);
Robert Sharpe on "Animal Experimentation - Failed Technology". Site also has
reading list and campaign details inc GM animals/cloning/ads etc.


Israeli Society for Abolition of Vivisection


Nature of Wellness (formerly SUPRESS - the US AV society which produced
"Hidden Crimes") website


New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS)

Essential website with useful internal search engine.


Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)


RSPCA-Animadversion (not pro-RSPCA/vivisection)


Seriously Ill Against Vivisection


South African Anti-Vivisection SAAV



Animal Aid


People Against Vivisection PAV


Assoc of Vets Against Vivisection


Good articles on viv, including one by a vet student at Murdoch Uni, WA, who
campaigned and won right not to have to use animals in vet med education and
his continuing campaign to educate other students in use of non-animal
methods in schools and university.





Vegan Prisoners Support Group

Vernon Coleman websites


Vivisection Absurd

Vivisection Is A Crime Against Humanity -
Huge and excellent website which includes an online edition of Hans Ruesch's
1000 Doctors Against Vivisection. (US University AVs)

(This site is excellent - great info and exposes).





Covance Campaign



Anti HLS website









SNGP News and Actions:


Bantin & Kingman Campaign

PO Box 29

Hull, E Yorks HU12 8YA

Tel 07977 637293


Harlan-Sera Campaign




London Animal Action



Liberation Mag




Animal Contacts Directory


The Animal Rights Resource Site


Green World Wide Web


Ethical Consumer


Do or Die


Rukus Society ( training in skills of non-violent civil disobedience for AR /HR & environmental activists




Medical Journals & Information:






NEJM (New England Journal of Medicine)

Scientific American


BMA (Brit Medical Assoc)








The St Francis Foundation publish a very good leaflet entitled 'Animal Experiments: sick society?' with a quote from Dr Werner Hartinger, chief surgeon,
Germany: "There
are, in fact, only two categories of doctors and scientists who are not
opposed to vivisection: those who don't know enough about it, and those to
make money from it."


The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket


Good articles on viv, including one by a vet student at Murdoch Uni, WA, who
campaigned and won right not to have to use animals in vet med education and
his continuing campaign to educate other students in use of non-animal
methods in schools and university.


What's wrong with the Body Shop ? -



Information retrieval


General Search Engines for Medical Info




Medical Matrix





Science archives and search engines on


Useful for ADR statistics


Drugs industries (manufacturers, research, biotechnology, delivery systems
etc) -,3050,11,00.html
Gives direct links to company websites, information and organisational data.

Medicine drug index


UK CW at

US CW at
They list all their up-coming conferences, web and email addresses etc.
Perhaps some of you will want to look into this?

Species differences and unreliability admitted by the pro-vs -


Association of British Pharmaceutical Industries (ABPI) admits (in
response to the statement: "One reads that there are some medicines which
work in humans but which would kill animals...") that:
"It is true that there are species differences and susceptibility to certain
medicines, which is in part due to to differences in the way the body
handles that particular medicine..."
(ABPI website:

American Heart Association admittance
(Article in Circulation -- Idris et al. 94 (9): 2324)

Science Journal published a national study on the reliability of animal
research protocol reviews. Results from the study suggest that these reviews
suffer from low reliability.
The study was conducted by Professor Scott Plous of
Wesleyan University and
Professor Harold Herzog of
Western Carolina University. To read more about
the research, please see the press release prepared by the Wesleyan
University Office of Communications at:
or visit the Science web site at:


New Scientist editors slam xenotransplantation


Human experimentation -


A website has been operating for some time on the issue of whether the
psychology vivisector experimented on humans.
The site is at:
and contains comments and queries over the issue re- B F Skinner and Human
Experimentation (It may be necessary to use the site`s web page to do a
search - if so type in B F Skinner and Human Experimentation -
this will give a full list of contributors.


'Secret Military Experimentation on Americans Was "Legal"'
An interesting page.


Citizens Against Human Experiments

I think it was in the 'Pharmas' paper -  on which you can find all sort of
interesting subjects, but not all necessarily up to date.
"I had not been exploring Big Pharma for more than a couple of days before I
was hearing of the frantic recruitment of third world 'volunteers' as cheap
guinea pigs. Their role, though they may not ever know this, is to test
drugs, not yet approved for testing in the
US, which they themselves will
never be able to afford even if the tests turn out reasonably safe. -- John
le Carre"
Animals, poor people . . . what's the difference to the pharmaceuticals, or
Tony Bliar for that matter?


Need to off-load ?  - UK MPs.  - All UK MEPs.  - Listed MSPs.  - Scots MPs.  - Scots MEPs.

Parliamentary Intranet Sitemap (essential auto-links)

Number 10 website :
Home Secretary :



Why nothing changes -


RDS ([Animal] Research Defense Society)



Research Funding Bodies:-


Medical Research Council (MRC)


Wellcome Foundation
 (Animal Procedures Committee) Who's who (Note pdf file - APC statistics for Animal Experimentation 2000).

ASP (Animal Scientific Procedures) Reports online -
Second report on the statistics on the number of animals used for
experimental and other scientific purposes in the member states of the
European Union Commission Communication to the Council and the Parliament
COM (99)191

Who gives, how much to the Labour party -

Check out Lord Sainsbury.

Media, national, local and global papers - - lists all
UK newspapers by
English region, N.I.,
Scotland, Wales, dailys of the 10 largest cities, UK
magazines and Europe Business papers, newspapers worldwide by continent and
other newspapers, magazines and television. - lists smaller local papers. - lists Scottish newspapers, BBC
online and British National papers.

Want to do News Searches? -
Mainly U.S.-based but worldwide links / info as well.

For compiled news including media's generally pro-vivisection propaganda war
and the anti-vivisection 'terrorists' check out -
Society: Issues: Animal Welfare: Animal Experiments - Vivisection: News and
Media :-


U.S. auto-link contacts


Free fax service


Insurance (UK) -


Ethical animal-friendly insurance (no investment in vivisection, weapons or
tyrannies) -
0906 470 0817
All profits to the Born Free Foundation.
0870 444 3438
All profits to animal welfare organisations.